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Dissolution Levels of Automation

ERWEKA offers several products for different types of automation levels.

Different steps of the dissolution process can be automated by using specific devices or systems. The semi-automated Dissolution Offline System for automation of three steps of the dissolution process or a semi-automated Dissolution Online System are perfect entry-level systems into the world of 100% USP/EP/JP, automated testing. Our Dissolution On-/Offline System with UV-Vis or HPLC analytic automates five steps of the dissolution process. Supplemented by a MediPrep 820 the media preparation can also be automated. Furthermore, the DVC-24 allows the automation of the cleaning process.

For fully automated 24/7 testing and 100% reproducibility of all tests, we offer the RoboDis II - a real productivity booster with fully automated testing of up to 40 batches including setup, media preparation and cleaning automation.

More detailed information can be found in our Dissolution Guide!

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