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ERWEKA presents itself – Today with Günter Annacker

In today´s interview of our series “ERWEKA presents itself”, we would like to introduce our colleague Mr. Günter Annacker from IMS (Integrated Management Systems).

guenther annackerMr. Annacker, member of the Quality Department

To learn more about his everyday working life at ERWEKA and his person, we have asked Mr. Annacker a few questions.

Mr. Annacker, you are celebrating your 30-year employment anniversary next year. What´s your profession at ERWEKA?

I am working as a member of the Quality Department at ERWEKA.

What´s your job about?

I have got a broad range of tasks in the quality department. In the first place, I take care of everything that comes up with the environmental management, such as a proper waste management and the correct handling of hazardous materials. The later are recorded and classified in a comprehensive register. In the area of quality management, I create and manage various documents, which can directly be accessed by the relevant departments. This includes, for example, the preparation of the final reports for the assembly department. Besides, I am responsible for the monitoring of our measuring equipment. I make sure that the colleagues in the assembly are working with measuring devices, that are regularly calibrated and order new measuring equipment if required. Furthermore, I manage all qualification documents of our devices and check the approval processes of firmware versions.

What´s your background? What have you been doing before you have started to work at ERWEKA?

I am a trained engineering draftsman. Before ERWEKA I had been working for a company located in Langen. Next to my job, I attended the night school for four years, I did a training as a mechanical engineer and I got the vocational baccalaureate diploma. Then I started to work at ERWEKA as a detail designer. Following a six-month parental leave, I started to work in the production planning department, where I implemented the item numbers and parts lists. In 2000, I finally switched to the quality department, where the environmental management was added a year later to my tasks.

What do you appreciate most about ERWEKA?

I have a diversified job, that is why there is no routine. In addition, I appreciate the flexible working hours, from which I benefit as a long-distance commuter.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

In my leisure time, I love riding the motorbike and covering long distances. Besides, my model railway is part of my hobbies, too. Apart from that, I am engaged in the community policy and sometimes I take part in our jurisdiction as a lay judge.

Three words, which describe yourself?

Patient, humorous and sometimes a bit cheeky.

Mr. Annacker, thanks for the interview and I wish you further success for the future at ERWEKA.