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ERWEKA presents itself – Today with Andreas Frey

After a long break, there is once again news from our interview series called “ERWEKA presents itself”. Today, we´d like to introduce you, our colleague, Mr. Andreas Frey.

Andreas Frey Interview 16 07 2018Mr. Frey, Head of Supply Chain Management

To find out more about our daily work routine at ERWEKA, we have asked Mr. Frey some questions.

Mr. Frey, you started at ERWEKA last year in May. What exactly is your job at ERWEKA?

I am ERWEKA´s Head of Supply Chain Management.

What´s your job about?

My work area is complex. I am responsible for the coordinating and solving of the quality problems, that could appear in all areas surrounding the value chain. One of my main tasks at ERWEKA is the development and optimization of the production, to make slimmer or respectively more intelligent production processes. For the determination of the actual state, there are going to be many analyzes carried out, like for example the value stream analysis. Then, I find the most optimal solution for ERWEKA, with a view to the efficient production and quality assurance, from that. Another work area of mine is the optimization of the procurement and shipping. To the procurement, for example, belongs the acquisition of new suppliers, who provide materials of high quality. Shipping is about the need to optimize the processes, so that the products are free from errors and that they arrive complete at our customers. Also, I am involved in the construction of our new building in Langen. Therefore, it is possible for me to have an early influence on the planning of the production area.

What´s your background? What did you use to do before you came to ERWEKA?

Actually, I come from the area of mechanical engineering and I further qualified myself through appropriate training. I started off with a technician study after the vocational training, and then I had a distance study in mechanical engineering, which I then graduated a few years after to. Following to a degree in industrial engineering. In recent years, I worked in companies with positions that were both similar, I also helped optimize the supply chain.

What do you appreciate most about ERWEKA?

What I value about ERWEKA is that it is a medium sized company, in which one can still move a lot. In addition, I also appreciate the different company affiliations, the treasures of experience, and the many new co-workers. This mixture of knowledge and new perspectives, slowly mixes and moves the company forward and it makes this job at ERWEKA very exciting.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I essentially spend my free time with my family and friends. Else, I take part in the municipal politics for years now. But to relax, I enjoy cycling and photography, and I enjoy traveling with my family.

Three words, which describe yourself?

Determined. Stubborn. Humorous.

Thank you very much Mr. Frey for this conversation and I wish you further success for the coming time at ERWEKA.