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We present Hassan Osman, R&D System Tester

In today´s interview of our series, ERWEKA presents itself, we would like to introduce our colleague Mr. Hassan Osman from R&D-department. 

To learn more about his everyday working life at ERWEKA and his person, we have asked Mr. Osman a few questions. Mr. Osman, you have started to work for ERWEKA in December 2018.

What´s your profession at ERWEKA?
I am a system tester in the R&D department and supply chain management.

What´s your job about?
In my day-to-day work, I test equipment and connected systems for commissioning and qualifying our products before they are shipped. In addition, I am responsible for the standardization and documentation of test procedures.

What do you like most about your job?
I like the variety that comes with the profession. The change between theoretical and practical work brings a certain dynamic, which I very much appreciate. Another positive point is that you have many interfaces with other departments, which creates a regular exchange.

Why did you choose ERWEKA as your new employer?
Since I come from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, I already had points of contact with ERWEKA and I was always very interested in their products. After a successful test day, I decided to join the company.

What´s your background? What have you been doing before you have started to work at ERWEKA?
Before joining ERWEKA, I trained as a chemist. Then I worked as a technical employee at a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals from blood plasma.

What do you appreciate most about ERWEKA?
At ERWEKA, I appreciate the collegiality and the flexible working hours.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?
In my free time I do a training as a chemical technician. I also try to do sports regularly.

Three words, which describe yourself?
Determined. Humorous. Impatient.

Thanks Mr. Osman for the friendly interview and we wish you further success for the future at ERWEKA.