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We present Kim Danz, Integrated Management Systems Department

In today´s interview of our new series, ERWEKA presents itself, we would like to introduce our colleague Mrs. Kim Danz, who works in the IMS departement, Integrated Management Systems.

To learn more about her everyday working life at ERWEKA and her person, we have asked Mrs. Danz a few questions.

Mrs. Danz, you have started to work for ERWEKA in November 2013.

Why did you choose ERWEKA as your new employer?

I chose ERWEKA because it opened entirely new opportunities for me. I started at ERWEKA as a team leader in internal sales, where I fundamentally restructured and organized the department. The management had a lot of trust in me, which made it much easier to work independently.
After my parental leave, I moved to the IMS Integrated Management System part-time and am happy about the new challenges.

What´s your profession at ERWEKA?

I work in the IMS (Integrated Management System) department. One of our tasks is to continuously improve the quality of our products and our processes.

How is your day-to-day job alike?

In collaboration with different departments and colleagues, I create, optimize and edit processes and work instructions. I support Mrs. Klier, the head of IMS in the preparation, implementation and reworking of internal and external audits and help the areas concerned to prepare for the audits.

What do you like most about your job?

Every day is different, brings new tasks / challenges with which you can grow (if you want). Working with different departments and colleagues is always interesting and helps to better understand the whole company. I also like the opportunity to be able to exchange personal information directly with other departments and to promote quick communication.

What´s your background? What have you been doing before you have started to work at ERWEKA?

I started with an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and then lived and worked in America for 1 year.
After I got back to Germany I started working as a management assistant and then switched to project management. Ultimately, I found my place in internal sales, where I worked 5 years prior joining ERWEKA.

What do you appreciate most about ERWEKA?

Right from the start I liked the fact that I was able to work independently and that personal strengths were recognized and encouraged. Above all, I appreciate the flexible working models that enable me as a mom to combine work and family life.

How do you like the new company building?

I think the new company building is great! It is bright, modern and has plenty of space. But what I like best is that we are finally ALL UNDER ONE roof.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I spend my free time with my family and friends. We like to travel, and it never gets boring with a child and a dog.

Three words, which describe yourself?

Cheerful. Structured. Independent.

Mrs. Danz thank you for the friendly interview and I wish you further success for the future at ERWEKA.