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ERWEKA presents itself – Today with Udo Kling

It´s time again - ERWEKA presents itself enters the next round. In today´s interview we would like to introduce Mr. Udo Kling.

To learn more about his everyday working life at ERWEKA and his person, we have asked Mr. Kling a few questions.

udo klingMr. Udo Kling, team leader of the production department

Mr. Kling, you have been with ERWEKA for 18 years now. What´s your profession at ERWEKA?

I am the team leader of the production department.

What´s your job about?

My team in the production consists of nine employees in total. I myself take an active part in the production department, check incoming orders and handle all administrative tasks. Together with two other colleagues I am working at four CNC controlled milling centers. There we produce the different components for our devices. Together with diverse bought-in components the produced parts are put together in the assembly department afterwards.

What´s your background? What have you been doing before you have started to work for ERWEKA?

Before joining ERWEKA I had already been working in the production department of another company. There I also did an apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator specialized in milling. As the company went into insolvency, I have joined ERWEKA, where I am still working in the production department.

What do you appreciate most about ERWEKA?

I think it´s quite pleasant to work for a medium-sized company, where you know your management personally. Furthermore, I appreciate the collaboration with my colleagues, which plays an important role especially in the production department. Another advantage for me is the proximity to my home.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

In my leisure time my wife and I like to go for a walk with our two dogs. Apart from that I am a sporty guy. In addition, there is always some work to do at our house, so my time is fully engaged and it never gets boring.

Three words, which describe yourself?

Friendly. Humorous. Team player.

Mr. Kling, thanks for the interview and I wish you further success for the future at ERWEKA.