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ERWEKA presents itself – Today with Wolfram Halt

It´s time for another interview of our new series “ERWEKA presents itself”. Today we would like to introduce our colleague Mr. Wolfram Halt.

wolfram haltMr. Halt, engineer responsible for development and construction

To learn more about his everyday working life at ERWEKA and his person, we have asked Mr. Halt a few questions.

Mr. Halt, you have started to work for ERWEKA in February 2006. This means you have been with ERWEKA for almost 11 years now. What´s your profession at ERWEKA?

I am an engineer responsible for development and construction.

What´s your job about?

My tasks are very versatile and basically divided into two areas. Firstly, I do different administrative jobs, such as the creation of new items in our system or the preparation of the parts lists. However, my main task is the mechanical development and electronic control of the components. This also includes the creation of circuit diagrams. For example, I was responsible for the development of the control of the RoboDis ll. The plans are constantly adapted during the equipment development. I also create the manuals for some of our products in collaboration with the technical editing. For this purpose, I provide the needed information and check the results. I also perform the EMC test, which checks the electromagnetic compatibility of the devices, in an external testing laboratory.

What´s your background? What have you been doing before you have started to work for ERWEKA?

Actually, I am an electrical engineer. Before joining ERWEKA I worked as a development manager in a company, which produced data carrier duplication systems. These included floppy disks, CDs, DVDs and, of course, hard disks. As the company had to undertake reorganizations due to the economic crisis, I joined ERWEKA.

What do you appreciate most about ERWEKA?

First of all, I appreciate the versatility of my tasks. There are always new challenges! Besides, I really like, that I have the possibility to construct, mount and test different things on my own. I also appreciate the short communication channels to my colleagues right up to the management. In addition, I have a great relationship with my colleagues.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I am the owner of a house with a large property that does take a great deal of time, because there is always enough work. Furthermore, I like to do handicrafts, DIY is just my cup of tea. Apart from that my wife and I enjoy cycling along the Main.

Three words, which describe yourself?

Friendly. Humorous. Team player.

Mr. Halt, thanks for the interview and I wish you further success for the future at ERWEKA.