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Advent - the traditional four weeks until christmas

We Germans love our christmas time. We start celebrating and anticipating already four weeks before, so for us four sundays before christmas we start our "Advent" time. Learn more about what this means to us.

This year, the time called advent started already in November on the 28th, which is four sundays to our holy night (Heiligabend) which is on the 24th of December - the day where we start with Christmas and give presents and love to our family and friends. And it does not really matter what religion you believe in. many countries even in Asia celebrate this time as a wonderful time to cuddle around the fires, be gentle and let the year and its worries behind.

Here in Germany it is getting dark now very early, like 4 to 4.30 pm - so what better to do than light a lot of candles and have christmas decoration throughout the house or - as in our company - throughout our departments. And we do enjoy a lot of christmas sweets and christmas cookies!

At Erweka, we have a tradition of setting up a decorated christnas tree  at the beginning of december. And I could not resist to buy some new "Weihnachtskugeln" (ornaments) in red and white, because they shine so bright on our beautiful big tree.

logo grau Weihnachten2Last year, our Marketing Media Designer Daniel Weigand created a beautiful christmas logo, and I like it so much I activated it again this year on our website.

Do you like it???


Have a great "advent time", thank you for following us.

Best whishes,


Claudia, CEO and Chief Christmas Executive



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