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Please donate for employee

Hello, my name is Claudia Mueller, I am the CEO of Erweka GmbH in Germany, and I ask for donation towards my employee Frederik Bourtscheid and his family, who live in Ahrweiler. Ahrweiler was totally flooded last week, and Frederiks cellar was totally under water and the ground floor too. Everything gone by the flood, Kitchen, furniture, household utitilities, living room - everything is destroyed!

Frederik, his wife and their three months old baby sat in their bedroom on the 1st floor and had to wait 1 1/2 days to be evacuated - with no electricity and no water.


So I kindly ask for money and donations so that we help to raise enough funds for a new kitchen, furnitures and whatever is needed. Please help - every Euro counts! And thank you so much in advance!


All donations go directly into Frederik's Bank account. In our company we have already asked all employees for donations, and nour 106 people were very happy to give, by now it is already more than 1000 Euros, which we will double privately and with the company again.

You can be assured that every money goes into the bank account of Frederik so he gets all the help he needs!







ERWEKA part of Germany's critical infrastructure

As a manufacturer and supplier of tablet testing equipment we are part of the critical infrastructure in Germany. Therefore it is important that we fully keep up production and supply our pharmaceutical customers with our equipment.

Please see our pdfCertificate Part of Critical infrastructure Germany.