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ERWEKA relocates its headquarter to Langen

Heusenstamm, 3.11.2016 – The company ERWEKA relocates its headquarter from Heusenstamm to Langen, Pittlerstraße 45.

erweka hq 10The mayor of Langen, Frieder Gebhardt, ERWEKA's owners Werner and Claudia Müller and architect Marianna Moschella in front of different models of the new headquarter in Langen

The leading manufacturer of tablet test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry has bought a property in the Multipark Langen and will build a prestigious administration and production building on it. The company responds to the continued positive development of the company and the lacking spatial conditions at the previous location. The move to the new building is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018. This has been announced by the management of the ERWEKA GmbH at a joint press conference together with the business development of the city of Langen on Thursday, 3.11.2016.

Strong growth necessitates the new construction

The global player is known as the innovation and quality leader of the test equipment industry and is growing continuously. The number of employees alone increased from 60 to almost 100 over the past four years. „We expect further growth in the next few years and are timely preparing ourselves for this corporate development”, CEO and president of ERWEKA GmbH Werner G. Müller explains the reason for the relocation to Langen, which is about 15 kilometers away from the current headquarter. The capacities of the location in Heusenstamm are completely exhausted.

Ideal location in many ways

The new location in the Multipark /Technologiepark Langen is ideal in many ways for an innovation and quality leader as ERWEKA, managing director Claudia Müller is pleased to say. The owner couple sees advantages in the conveniently located position and the public infrastructure at the site. In addition, the new site of ERWEKA is located close to a representative neighborhood with high-tech, medical technology and knowledge intensive service companies. Another advantage is the proximity to Pittler ProRegion Berufsausbildung GmbH in Langen, which provides trainings in mechatronics - apecialists, that ERWEKA  requires for the planned growth in production and customers support. The company aims to double its revenue over the next ten to 15 years.

Production and administration in one building

erweka hq pk 11 The architect Marianna Moschella, Wiesbaden, explains her draft of the company building by the use of mock-upsThe new building in Langen is prepared for these future plans. The four-story building with a floor space of 4710 square meters will be built on a 7066 square meters site area in the Pittlerstraße 45, which is more than a double of the former area. The new building, designed in a classicist style, offers space for the planned 150 employees and can also be expanded later on. A special feature of the new building is the externally visible and functional integration of the production facility and administration building.

Even technological innovations and sustainability will be considered in the construction concept, e.g. a pellet heating and charging stations for electric cars. „We are really pleased about the committed support of the city of Langen, which has welcomed us here with open arms,” Werner G. Müller describes the cooperative partnership with the city of Langen.

The start of construction is planned for spring 2017, the relocation is projected for the second quarter of 2018. The investment volume of the ERWEKA GmbH will amount to a total of approximately 10 million Euros.



Background information: ERWEKA GmbH

The medium-sized ERWEKA GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of tablet test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. The devices are required for the development and quality control of tablets and other medical dosage forms. Among the long-standing, international customers are multinational pharmaceutical and life science companies, research and test laboratories, and universities all over the world.

The company was founded in 1951 and has become the premium manufacturer with the most comprehensive product range and most modern devices of the highest quality. ERWEKA is a technology leader in many areas of these niche markets and permanently invests in research and development particularly with regard to automation.




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