Digital DT 950 Series Dissolution Tester

Our first digital dissolution tester


The ERWEKA DT 950 Series is our first digital dissolution tester on the market, equipped with the most advanced technology for the requirements of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

With state-of-the-art embedded PC technology, the DT 950 is the first of its kind. The 7" touch display with a modern user interface focuses the user on the most important task the DT 950 has to fulfill - 100% USP/EP/JP compliant dissolution testing, without distractions and errors. For this purpose, we have designed the ERWEKA TestAssist, an intelligent helper that guides the user step by step through the con-figuration of the dissolution test, provides assistance and makes sure that only compliant parameters can be entered.

In addition to the modern user interface, the DT 950 is completely future-proof. With our „Upgrade your DT“ programme, it can be upgraded at a later date - e.g. from 6 up to 8 test stations, with an automatic tablet drop or an automatic sampling station, if the DT 950 is to be upgraded to a dissolution system at a later date. A switch form low-head to high-head mode is also easily possible at all times. Thanks to the advanced embedded system, software functions for the touch display can also be added later.

With all these innovations, however, we have not lost sight of the most important thing: The DT 950 Series are 100% USP/EP compliant.

100% USP/EP/JP compliant

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

USP 1, 2, 5 and 6

USP methods 1, 2, 5 and 6

Intuitive Touch interface

Intuitive Touch interface

Upgradeable at any time

Upgradeable at any time!

Key Features

Embedded-PC Technology, Modern User Interface and Upgradeability

  • The digital embedded PC technology offers all advantages and unlimited possibilities of modern software programming making the DT 950 is more future-proof than ever before. In the first step, this means simple network printing and a modern user interface. In the future, the DT 950 Series will be expanded with additional functions and can thus constantly adapt to the user‘s requirements and future industry 4.0 developments.

  • The new, modern user interface of the DT 950 focuses the user on the most important function of the DT 950 - dissolution testing.

    • TestAssist, the intelligent guide for dissolution testing
    • DirectHelp, help directly on the screen with the tap of a button
    • Multilanguage operation in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and German.
  • The newly developed hardware of the DT 950 Series enables step by step upgradeability from a manual dissolution tester to a semi-automatic Online-, Offline- or On-/Offline system.

    • Upgrade up to 8 test stations
    • Optional, automatic tablet drop
    • ASS-9 automatic sampling station

Network Printing explained

Network printing explained

DT 950/9510 can print to LAN network or USB printers

The technology platform of the DT 950/9510 allows convenient use of network printers from many different manufacturers. Thanks to a practical printer setup, the LAN-connected DT 950/9510 finds all printers in the network. Then all that remains is to select the right driver from a list and the DT 950/9510 prints via the selected printer without any problems.

The DT 950/9510 can currently print on network and USB printers from Hewlett-Packard, Kyocera and OKI. The DT 950/9510 also supports USB printers from Brother. More printers coming soon.

1, 2, Test!

The DT 950 Series Touch Interface

Dt950 Ui

The touch interface of the DT 950 focuses the user on the most important task to be done with the DT 950: dissolution testing. The central part is the TestAssist, an intelligent assistant with realtime feasability checks that provides support and guarantees the conformity of the entered parameters according to USP/EP/JP. Dissolution testing thus becomes simple and safe.

But we didn‘t stop at TestAssist - all other functions, such as the control panel, the qualification menu or the service menu, are also designed to connect user and hardware as quickly as possible.

Testing in 3 simple steps

Testing in 3 simple steps

Parametrisation within conform ranges

Parametrisation within conform ranges


Dissolution Testing in 3 simple steps

TestAssist - dissolution testing easier than ever!

TestAssist is a comprehensive, yet simple wizard for the quick execution of dissolution tests. The user is guided step by step through the parameterisation, whereby incorrect entries are prevented by TestAssist. As soon as the dissolution test is running, the test screen displays all important status information about the test at any time.

Thanks to the large status animation, you can check from anywhere in the lab at a glance whether the test is running within the tolerances: green - all ok, or red - error, something went wrong.

With the help of the intelligent TestAssist, dissolution testing is as easy and fast as ever!

Help, at any time

Help, at any time

Each input field has a quickly accessible help function. Are you unsure what to enter in a field? Then just tap on the question mark right next to it and you will get help. This help function is distributed throughout the ERWEKA OS so that you can obtain information at any time.

Deutsch, English, Español, Francais, 中文, русский...

Deutsch, English, Español, Francais, 中文, русский...

The modern architecture of the ERWEKA OS enables a multitude of languages. This makes the DT 950 the most accessible device ERWEKA has ever developed. Anywhere in the world.

Direct access for customer service

Direct access for customer service

The service menu gives the user direct access to the most important hardware functions and information of the DT. Serial number and software version can be quickly called up for service cases, and maintenance can be carried out faster and more efficiently.

Qualification made easy

Qualification made easy

Thanks to the new qualification function, qualifying the DT 950 is easy. To do so, simply enter the qualification menu and follow the instructions.

Upgrade your DT!

Unlimited upgradeability - at any time

Dt950 Side Low

Our world is turning faster and faster - this is why we designed a dissolution tester that is ready today for the challenges of tomorrow. The DT 950 can be upgraded even after the initial purchase - even from 6 to 7 or 8 test stations, with an automatic tablet drop or an automatic sampling station. The high degree of modularity means that, for example, a 6-station stand-alone DT 956 can be transformed into the heart of a complete dissolution HPLC On-/Offline system with 8 test stations and Disso.NET 4 software within a very short time. This means that the DT 950 remains flexible throughout its entire instrument cycle - because who knows now what challenges we will be facing in a few years?

  • DT 950 Series base device

    • Extension to up to 8 test stations
    • Automatic tablet drop
    • USP methods 1, 2, 5 and 6
    • Automatic sampling station low-head or high-head
  • Dissolution Offline System

    • Automatic sample collection with our FRL sample collector
    • IPC or PVP pump
    • Control via PC with Disso.NET 4 with Audit Trail and MySQL database
    • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • Dissolution Online System

    • Automatic UV/Vis-Analysis with spectrophotometer
    • Control via PC with Disso.NET 4 with Audit Trail and MySQL database
    • IPC or PVP pump
    • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
    • Direct data evaluation in the software
  • Dissolution On-/Offline System

    • Dissolution HPLC On-/Offline System or Dissolution On-/Offline System with UV/Vis
    • Control via PC with Disso.NET 4 with Audit Trail and SQL-Database
    • 21 CFR part 11 compliant
    • Automatic HPLC- or UV-Vis analysis with sample collector
    • With HPLC: Automatic handoff of the sample to the HPLC-analysis

Further improved!

Not only on a large scale, but also on a smaller one.

New on/off switch with improved 24 Volts power supply

The power switch has been moved to the side of the unit. This makes it much easier to reach and operate. Furthermore, the power supply has been redesigned to 24V.

Improved, automatic tablet drop

The tablet drop has been relocated to the upper side of the DT head. This means that the filling can always be seen immediately. The tablet drop can optionally be controlled automatically.

Further improvements on the DT head

The DT head has been further improved. In addition to mechanical changes to the guide and a new aluminium lock, the weight has been reduced. This makes the dissolution tester head easier to handle without losing its robustness.

New water outlet

The water outlet has been lowered further and also moved to the back. This way it does not interfere during normal use of the dissolution tester. In addition, the outlet has been equipped with a practical quick coupling that allows a hose to be connected quickly and without leaks.


Flexible device for different use cases.

100% USP/EP/JP compliant

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

As all ERWEKA products, the DT 950/DT 9510 Series is also 100 % USP/EP/JP compliant.

High-head/low-head mode

High-head and low-head mode

For simple access to the vessels and easy manual sampling.

USP 1, 2, 5 and 6

USP methods 1, 2, 5 and 6

Using of many kinds of attachments for different USP methods due to the standardised shaft design.

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning of the water bath and the set-up area without requalification. The water bath can be completely emptied thanks to the new water outlet.

External heater

External heater

The external flow-through heater reduces the influence of external vibrations and ensures a constant temperature.

Simple to use

Simple operation

7" touch display.


All the facts.


  • OQ traffic light system displays the qualification status of the unit
  • Automatic vessel centering
  • Standard tablet drop magazine for 8 samples
  • Evaporation less than 1 % during 24 h (37° C, 50 rpm, 1000 ml)
  • Manual lifter with gas-strut support
  • One-piece moulded PET water bath with outlet valve
  • Heating range: 30-45° C (+/- 0.2° C)
  • Wobble less than 0.2 mm at delivery (paddles)
  • Automatic self-check of the water bath/vessel temperature before test run
  • Large 7“ touch display, the gateway to our embedded technology.
  • USB printer interface for documentation of the test run parameters and results (time, date, rpm, temperatures etc.)


Tailored to your needs.

  • Automated tablet drop magazine with control of temperature tolerance (USP) before drop
  • Illumination (white LEDs) of the water bath for better visibility of the samples
  • External cooling device with autonomous operation
  • Upgrade to work as an offline dissolution system with Disso.NET
  • Video monitoring/recording with Disso.NET
  • Paddles, baskets, discs for paddle-over-disc, rotating cylinder, enhancer cell, intrinsic dissolution, felodipine baskets, suppository baskets, extraction cell
  • Dissolution qualification tool kit
  • IQ/OQ/PV documents
  • IQ/OQ/PV service
  • Maintenance service


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DT 950/9510 brochure ENG

DT 950/9510 brochure ENG

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