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With the ERWEKA RRT 10, automatic dissolution testing of different extended and sustained release dosage forms has become easier than ever before. This unit is perfectly suited for simulating the pH-changes within the human body. By placing different media in each row, the device echoes varying in vivo gastrointestinal conditions of the body.

An automatic sample transport between the rows allows the reliable testing of the extended or sustained release from different dosage forms in various pH-zones. The simple to program RRT 10 thus, is the perfect unit for multiple media pH-changes for IV/IVC testing and dissolution profiling of a variety of release dosage forms (e. g. tablets, coated tablets and oblongs).

Overview 2

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

and controlled by touch

The RRT 10 is 100 % compliant to the USP/EP/JP standards and available as either USP method 3, USP method 7 or as a combination device of both USP methods 3 and 7. It comes with an external flow-through heater, which minimizes vibrations to the device. Moreover, the unit offers a mobile touch display, which is easy to use and provides convenient control.

Vessels are placed inside an acrylic water bath with an outlet valve for easy cleaning and the automatic cover system of the RRT 10 reduces media evaporation.


Flexible device for different use cases.

100% USP/EP/JP compliant

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

As all ERWEKA products, the BioDis RRT 10 is also 100 % USP/EP/JP compliant.

USP 3/7

Three configurations available

USP method 3, USP method 7 and a user-changeable combination device of USP methods 3 and 7

Touch display control

Touch display for comfortable control

Detachable unit with storage for up to 100 products, media and methods

Automated evaporation cover

Automated evaporation cover

Unused vessels are automatically closed.

External heater

External heater

External flow-through heater reduces the influence of external vibrations and ensures a constant temperature.

Different tools available

Different tools available

Depending on the applied USP method, we offer a broad range of tools.

Three configurations

Adjustable to your needs.

100 mm stroke


  • 100 mm stroke height
  • 300 ml & 1000 ml vessel for reciprocating cylinder
  • Method not changeable by user

20 mm stroke


  • 20 mm stroke height
  • 50 ml, 100 ml, 300 ml & 1000 ml vessel for different types of tools
  • Method not changeable by user

100 mm & 20 mm stroke

USP 3/7

  • 100 mm & 20 mm stroke height
  • 50 ml, 100 ml, 300 ml & 1000 ml vessels for different types of tools
  • Method changeable by user

  • BioDis RRT 10 Detail quick coupling


All the facts.

  • 8 rows with 6 stations (standard configuration) and 2 vials for reference purposes or 7 test stations without reference positions
  • Water bath of 30 liters capacity, clear acrylic glass
  • Heating rate 1500 W, 30-50° C, accuracy +/- 0.2° C
  • External PT 100 temperature sensor
  • 300 ml USP compliant cylindrical flat bottomed glass vessels (standard configuration)
  • USP compliant glass reciprocating cylinders, fitted with stainless steel screens with different mesh sizes (automated centering inside the vessel)
  • Whole range of USP compliant holders, for non-eroding formulations, made of stainless steel or polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Speed adjustable from 5-40 strokes/min., accuracy better than +/- 5 %
  • USP 3 height stroke - 100 mm
  • USP 7 height stroke - 20 mm
  • Automated vessel cover to reduce media evaporation
  • Control via color touch screen, password-protected access to firmware with OQ functions and product memory


Tailored to your needs.

  • 4 racks with 3 test stations each for 1000 ml vessels (USP 3)
  • 8 racks for 6 test stations for 50-300 ml vessels
  • 8 racks for 7 test stations for 50-300 ml vessels
  • Different vessel sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml, 300 ml, 1000 ml
  • Evaporation covers for different vessels
  • Vessel 50 ml for Nifedipine, amber glass & adapation ring for 300 ml rack
  • Several sample holders for both methods
  • IQ/OQ documents


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BioDis RRT 10 specsheet

BioDis RRT 10 specsheet

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