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DT 1410

The DT 1410 series is based on the proven DT 720 and can be configured for 12, 13 or 14 test stations arranged in two rows.

The DT 141x provides the possibility for performing one test with 12, 13 or 14 tablets or two tests with 6 or 7 tablets. The substantial advantage is that two USP tests can be carried out with one test bath at equal test conditions. Besides, the unit is offered with various vessel sizes (400 ml, 1000 ml) and is available with high-head (maximum access) or low-head (low-evaporation version; for automation) mode depending on customer specifications.

The DT 1410 series is made for users with generic products or high capacity in mind. Due to the configuration, the device allows to run two different batches of the same product or two different products with the same dissolution monograph at the same time.


Flexible device for different use cases.

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

As all ERWEKA products, the DT 141x is also 100 % USP/EP/JP compliant.

Testing of 12/13/14 tablets

Testing of 12/13/14 tablets or two batches with 6/7 tablets

Two parallel running USP tests with identical test conditions.

USP 1, 2, 5 and 6

USP methods 1, 2, 5 and 6

Standardised shaft design allows using different attachments for all kinds of USP methods.

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning

Easy cleaning of the water bath and the set-up area.

External heater

External heater

External flow-through heater reduces the influence of external vibrations and ensures a constant temperature.

Simple to use

Simple control

Simple control using a symbol keypad with LED display for temperature, rpm and runtime.


All the facts.

  • Lifter column with gas-strut support for effortless lifting and lowering of the drive head
  • Dissolution tester for USP methods 1 (basket), 2 (paddle), 5 (paddle- over-disc) and 6 (rotating cylinder) with 12, 13 or 14 test stations (1412, 1413, 1414)
  • Evaporation less than 1 % (50 rpm / 1000 ml / 37° C / 24 h)
  • Fulfills all specifications in accordance with FDA “Mechanical Calibration”
  • LED display for each test parameter with up/down buttons
  • Automatic height adjustment of the stirring elements
  • Automatic vessel centering via centering rings
  • Tablet drop magazine for max. 14 samples (low-head)
  • Openings in the drive head for an easy sample collection
  • 100 % USP/EP/JP compliant
  • External flow-through heater with a heating range of 30-50° C (even temperature distribution)
  • Internal temperature sensor for water bath temperature display and documentation
  • Wobble less than 0.5 mm at delivery (paddles)
  • RS 232 interface for PC connection, USB-B interface for firmware updates


Suited to your needs.

  • External PT 100 temperature sensor for water bath or media temperature display
  • Automatic tablet drop with control of temperature tolerance (USP)
  • USB-A printer interface for documentation of the test run parameters (time, date, rpm, temperatures etc.)
  • Low evaporation vessel cover for high-head operation
  • 400 ml and 1000 ml vessels made of glass or amber glass (UV protected)
  • Paddles, baskets, discs for paddle-over-disc, rotating cylinders, enhancer cell, intrinsic dissolution, felodipine baskets, suppository baskets, extraction cell
  • Dissolution qualification tool kit
  • Upgrade to work as an online dissolution system
  • USP compliant sampling station with automatic height adjustment of sampling points
  • IQ/OQ/PV documents
  • IQ/OQ/PV service
  • Maintenance service


Get an impression of the DT 141x series.


Our specsheet.

DT 1410 specsheet

DT 1410 specsheet

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