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MediPrep 820 and 1622

The MediPrep 820 series offers quick and easy preparation of up to 8 liters dissolution media in less than 15 minutes. The MediPrep 1622 only needs 25 minutes to prepare dissolution media - 3 times faster than manually done according USP! In a single pass, the media for dissolution tests can be precisely mixed, heated, degassed and gravimetrically filled into vessels. Foaming media like SDS (Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate) can also be used.

Filling can be done at the integrated dosing port or with the optional remote filling hand directly into the vessels.

The MediPrep 1622 additionally provides two inlets for premixed media and one outlet for wastewater. To prevent cross contamination, an automated cleaning procedure is integrated.

With a 1% filling accuracy for volumes ranging from 500 ml to 2000 ml, there are instances where measurements for 250 ml do not meet specifications. To ensure a properly filled vessel with 250 ml, we recommend adding at least one additional vessel in the MediPrep 1622 filling method. If the filling does not fall within the specified accuracy, the excess volume should be discarded.


Flexible device for different use cases.

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

100 % USP/EP/JP compliant

Quick preparation and filling conform to USP, EP and JP

Prepare 8 or 16 liters dissolution media

8 liters media for dissolution tests

Preparation according to USP/EP/JP guidelines

Integrated touchscreen control

Integrated touchscreen control

With features for full documentation of the media preparation

Automatic cleaning

Automatic cleaning

Automatic cleaning procedure of container and tubings

Memory storage

Memory capacity

Storage capacity for up to 100 media preparation methods


All the facts.

Versions MediPrep 820 for 8 l dissolution medium
  MediPrep 1622 for 16 l dissolution medium
Functions MediPrep 820: Vacuum degassing, heating, gravimetric filling
  MediPrep 1622: Mixing, diluting, vacuum degassing, heating, gravimetric filling
US pharmacopeia conformance
Inlet for premixed media MediPrep 820: 1 Inlet for media from external source
  MediPrep 1622: 1 Inlet for media from external source, 2 inlets for concentrates
Outlet for residual or waste medium
Remote dosing hand Optional
Control Touch panel 7"
Common aqueous media at least 2 l
Physiological media pH 1-12, at min. 2 l

Time needed for media preparation of 8 l ≤ 15 min (depending on degassing time)
Time needed for media preparation of 16 l ≤ 24 min (depending on degassing time)
Mixing accuracy (only 1622) ≤ 1 % with a ratio of concentrate to water 1:9 to 1:1 (m/m)
Handling of foaming media (SDS) Max. 1 % solution at max. 6 l (MediPrep 820), Max. 1 % solution at max. 14 l
Dosing volume and accuracy 250-1000 ml, max. 1 % (MediPrep 820), 500 - 1000ml, max 1 % (MediPrep 1622)
Weighing accuracy ≤ 0.1 % at 2 kg
Heating temperature, accuracy

Max. 50° C, ± 0.2° C

Degassing pressure, accuracy ≤ 200 mbar, ± 10 mbar
Product memory Max. 100
User memory Max. 50, password-protected access
Interfaces USB-A for printer,
 RS-232 interface for firmware
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 692 x 367 x 645 mm
Weight 36 kg (MediPrep 820), 42 kg (MediPrep 1622)
Power supply, safety fuses 115 or 230 50/60Hz, 2 x 16 A
Power consumption Max. 2000 W


Configured for your needs.

  • MediPrep 820 with no additional inlet for concentrate/prepared media
  • MediPrep 1622 with two additional inlets for concentrates/prepared media
  • Remote dosing hand for direct filling into dissolution tester with optional extension to 3.5 metres
  • Pressure reducing valve for direct connection of DI-water, if > 5 bar
  • MT 50 (50 liter volume net) storage container for media
  • MT 100 (100 liter volume net) storage container for media
  • Rack for 3 vessels
  • Calibration weight, 10.0 kg
  • Calibration weight, 2.0 kg
  • IQ/OQ documents
  • Digital thermometer, certified
  • Digital manometer, certified
  • Printer


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MediPrep Series Brochure

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