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The ERWEKA ZT Series

In our new ZT Series brochure, you will find all information about the ERWEKA disintegration testers at a glance.

The ERWEKA disintegration testers enable easy and convenient determination of the disintegration time of tablets and other solid dosage forms. The broad range of ERWEKA disintegration testers comprises all types of test equipment from the manual ZT 121 light and the ZT 220/320 series up to our fully automated disintegration testers of the ZT 720 series.

Our compact entry-level device ZT 121 light with one test station and the disintegration testers of the ZT 220 and ZT 320 series with up to 4 test stations are perfectly suited for the manual determination of the disintegration of test samples. The ZT 720 series automatically detects the disintegration of samples by using magnetic sensors.

You will find more interesting facts about the ZT series in our new brochure!