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Technical Support

Simply send us a mail

For technical support, technical questions or other technical issues please send us a mail below.

Please note: We provide technical support for free only for products produced after 2009.

Please provide detailed information about your ERWEKA model type, serial number, year of purchase and a description of your technical questions.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Teamviewer Online Support

Teamviewer Online Support

Remote Access

Please contact our customer support department in Germany regarding help with your ERWEKA software. The quickest way to get support is to arrange for a remote PC session, which gives our supporters access to your PC so they can solve any software or database issues.

Please submit a detailed ticket via our ticketing system, including serial number, model, date of purchase, software version and a description of any technical issues to receive further help.

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Currently supported ERWEKA devices

ERWEKA device support is as long lasting as our devices themselves. Here you can see which devices are currently supported.

Category 1 - full support

Category 1 - full support

What is category 1 support?

Category 1 support means that we can fully service and repair the device with full supply of spare parts available.

Which devices are currently under category 1 support?

  • All devices currently on price list (January 2024)

Category 2 - limited support

Category 2 - limited support

What is category 2 support?

Category 2 support means that we can only offer limited service, limited repairs and limited spare parts. Requests are reviewed on a case by case basis and as spare parts are available.

Which devices are currently under category 2 support?

  • DT 600, DT 700, DT 800
  • TBH 220, TBH 320, TBH 420, TBH 525, MultiCheck 3
  • ZT 70, ZT 300, ZT 500 (only accessories available)
  • TAR 100, TAR 200 (only accessories available)
  • SVM 100, SVM 200 (only accessories available)
  • VDT (only containers from current PL available)
  • RoboDis I

Category 3 - no support, only accessories

Category 3 - no support, only accessories

What is category 3 support?

Category 3 means that we can only offer a limited selection of accessories for the devices and no spare parts of any kind.

Which devices fall under category 3?

  • DT 60, DT 70, DT 80, DT 6, DT 12, Software Disso-Win
  • TBH 30, TBH 300, TBH 320, TBH 20, TBH 200, TBH 210, TBH x50, Software MC-Win
  • ZT 30, ZT 40, ZT 50, ZT 6, ZT 3, ZT 4, Software ZT-Win, ZT.Net
  • TA 10, TA 20
  • ST 30
  • PM 3
  • SVM 10, SVM 20
  • AR 400, AR 401, AR 402
  • All purpose equipment manufactured before year 2000