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ERWEKA RoboDis ll Safety Systems

RoboDis II performs routine tasks more precisely than any human operator – but without a human operator all its powerful fully automatic features would be worth nothing. It is the human operator who defines the test methods, checks results for plausibility and interprets the data obtained. To enable him or her to focus on these tasks, we have equipped RoboDis II with a number of safety features.

System Suitability Tests

System Suitability Tests

In each individual process step, RoboDis II self-checks by means of integrated System Suitability Tests (SSTs). Several built-in light barriers validate the steps performed by Robo Dis II, thus preventing false starts.


Full Documentation

Each step of the test is logged in accordance with the industrial standard 21 CFR Part 11. This will enable you to check, for example, whether RoboDis II actually did test all 40 batches completely over the weekend.

High-Quality System

High-Quality System Components

RoboDis II is built with tried-and-tested, reliable system components, amongst them, e.g., ERWEKA’s maintenance-free PVP pump and the robot arm made by the internationally renowned pneumatics manufacturer Festo. The use of premium components guarantees maximum precision and lowest downtimes.


Video Recording

RoboDis II optionally records the entire dissolution process with six integrated video cameras. This allows validating the entire test upon completion, or overlaying the dissolution curve on a time-lapse video recording. Thanks to the LED light strip the water bath can be illuminated at night, allowing 24 hour video recording without the need for external lighting.

You will find more detailed information in our new RoboDis ll Brochure!