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New UV-Vis Online System with Thermo Scientific Evolution 350

New ERWEKA Dissolution Online System Integrated with Thermo Scientific Evolution 350 Spectrophotometer

ERWEKA GmbH is proud to announce a new Dissolution Online UV-Vis System that seamlessly integrates with the Thermo Scientific Evolution 350 spectrophotometer.

In a close cooperation with Thermo Scientific Germany and headquarters, ERWEKA fully integrated the Thermo Scientific Evolution 350 into its Disso.NET dissolution software, enabling half-automated (with the Dissolution Online System) and even fully automated (with RoboDis II) dissolution testing with integrated UV-Vis analysis.

The Evolution 350, with its clear focus on the pharmaceutical dissolution market and its full USP/EP conformity, is the perfect companion to our own, 100 percent USP/EP conform Dissolution Systems and RoboDis II. Equipped with an 8 cell cuvette change, the selectable spectral bandwidth and the high speed enable 5-minute cycles in the for dissolution typical 200 nm to 350 nm range, which is of increasing importance with the fully automated RoboDis II to test 40 batches as quickly as possible. Thanks to its long-lasting xenon flash lamp (> 3 years), the photometer needs low maintenance.

thermofischer evolution350 600A great addition to automated dissolution testing: Thermo Scientific Evolution 350 Double Beam Photometer (Photo: Thermo Scientific, Germany)The full integration of the photometer into the Disso.NET enables customers to manage the full UV-Vis dissolution test in one single software. For method creation, testing and analysis and report generation – completely with spectra, computation of the dissolution curve and evaluation/re-evaluation of raw data.

More about our new UV-Vis Dissolution Online System you can find here.

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By the way, we would be happy to show you this half-automated system configuration – for example in an online demo. Please arrange an appointment with our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..