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Automatic Filter Changer AFC 825

We recommend the implementation of a second filtration to avoid contamination or damage of the HPLC column due to particles, thus improving the accuracy of the HPLC analysis. In combination with the high-precision, practically maintenance-free PVP pump, we offer an additional device: the automated filter changer AFC 825.

AFC 825 450
The AFC 825 enables the automatic exchange of the used membrane filters (e. g. 0.22 μm, 0.45 μm) after each sampling or each test run. In addition, the media replacement can be conducted via the integrated bypass. As most of the filters are uni-directional - i.e. media is pumped in only one direction - the bypass prevents the media from being pressed back through the used membrane filters, thus avoiding the risk of filter damage.

The automated filter changer features a magazine with eight positions for membrane filters (max. 8x25 filter) and comes in two configurations:

  • AFC 825 with 12 valves for 6 stations
  • AFC 825 with 16 valves for 8 stations

More detailed information on the HPLC On-/Offline System can be found in the corresponding brochure!