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New video of the VDT/S Blister Density Tester

The ERWEKA VDT/S is a blister density tester for tablet blisters and other packaging forms.

With its compact size, the VDT/S is ideal for quality control during the packing and filling process.

The ERWEKA Blister density tester consists of two connected units - the main control unit with the integrated vacuum pump and the vacuum exsiccator.

Under vaccuum, the blue methylene color penetrates the incorrectly sealed packaging. This is shown by a visual inspection after the test run.

Available in different sizes:

  • 150 mm Ø exsiccator

  • 200 mm Ø exsiccator

  • 250 mm Ø exsiccator

  • 300 mm Ø exsiccator

 Watch the new video of the VDT/S: 


 Further information can be found in our VDT/S Specsheet: