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New video of the TAR Friability Tester

The TAR series is a USP/EP/JP compliant ERWEKA unit for testing friability and/or abrasion of tablets.

Programming is easily performed by the symbol style keypad.

The rotation speed can be programmed between 20 and 100 rpm and test run duration can be set in either time or total number of revolutions. Thanks to the extraordinary design, no removal or opening of the drums is necessary to fill and empty the friability drums, which makes handling the TAR series much easier.

For larger samples the complete unit can be set to the european pharmacopoeia required 10° position by a switching leg. The switching leg is equipped as standard to our TAR devices.

By weighing the samples before and after the test run, the abrasion can be precisely determined. A visual inspection of the sample provides information about the friability of the tablets.

The unit is available with 1 (TAR 120) or 2 (TAR 220) test drums - Friability and/or Abrasion drum


Watch the new video of the TAR: 

 Further information can be found in our TAR Specsheet:

Specsheet TAR EN 17 04 2020 

ERWEKA part of Germany's critical infrastructure

As a manufacturer and supplier of tablet testing equipment we are part of the critical infrastructure in Germany. Therefore it is important that we fully keep up production and supply our pharmaceutical customers with our equipment.

Please see our pdfCertificate Part of Critical infrastructure Germany.