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Presentation: Introducing the new digital DT 950

Developed with years of experience, and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow - the DT 950 is our first real digital dissolution tester on the market.

In this online video presentation, David Kötterheinrich, Head of Marketing at ERWEKA, gives you an overview of our new DT 950 series.

With the full power of digitalisation the advanced functions help using the equipment more easliy. It simplyfies the service and leads our industry to the next step of dissolution testing.

The DT 950 is more then a dissolution tester with a touch display - it is our vision of the future.

 Three key features distinguish the DT 950 series.

  • Embedded Technology - The DT 950 is driven by a modern ARM-powered embedded PC with a 7" touch display.
    The embedded PC is running our very own ERWEKA OS, which is based on Linux, and the software is developed using the latest .NET Core technology from Microsoft.
    This allows us to extend its software capabilities long term and enables us to deliver a modern touch interface to our customers. A real industry 4.0 dissolution tester!
  • TestAssist - The TestAssist is an intelligent assistant that guides the user step by step through the parametrisation of the dissolution test, provides assistance and guarantees the conformity of the entered parameters.
    But there is more:
    • Help at any time just by tapping on the question mark.
    • Multilanguage support makes it most accessible.
    • Simple qualification by following the instructions.
    • Direct access for customer service for faster and more efficient maintenance.
  • Upgradability -
    • All devices of the DT 950 Series offer versatile upgrade and configuration options, so the DT can be adapted to the constantly changing requirements of customers at any time.
    • The test stations can be expanded from six up to seven or eight stations any time later.
    • And the expansion to a fully equipped dissolution system like Offline-, Online- or On-/Offline System is also possible at customer site easily and fast due to new assembly groups.

 In addition, we have made several hardware upgrades to the new DT 950, for example improved the atomatic tablet drop.

There is more than meets the eye!

Have an in-depth look at our digital DT 950 with this new presentation video and let it convice you of the power of our first digital dissolution tester:



Curious for more information? 

Check out our DT 950 website and brochure.

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