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Qingdao CPIM Exhibition - May 2021

ERWEKA participates in the Qingdao CPIM exhibition in China with our partner Rieckermann.

A wide range of high quality ERWEKA equipment was exhibited there.

Devices from our Dissolution division as well as from our Physical division were exhibited.

The DT 1410 series was shown, which is based on the proven DT 720 and can be configured for 12, 13 or 14 test stations arranged in two rows.

Also the DFZ II Flow-Through-Cell was presented and can be used for various applications thanks to its wide range of available cell types, e.g. for testing poorly soluble products or low-dose formulations with sustained release.

From the physical test equipment, for example, the fully automatic MultiCheck was presented.
As well as devices like the Blister Density Tester, the Friability Tester and the Tapped Density Tester.

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Qingdai CPIM 052021 1
Qingdai CPIM 052021 2
Qingdai CPIM 052021 3
Qingdai CPIM 052021 4
Qingdai CPIM 052021 5




ERWEKA part of Germany's critical infrastructure

As a manufacturer and supplier of tablet testing equipment we are part of the critical infrastructure in Germany. Therefore it is important that we fully keep up production and supply our pharmaceutical customers with our equipment.

Please see our pdfCertificate Part of Critical infrastructure Germany.