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Release of the new ERWEKA SVM II Tapped Density Tester

We are proud to announce the release of the next generation 5-in-1 tapped density tester SVM II.
With its new features such as the innovative SwitchPlate system, a modern user interface and the intelligent testing assistant TestAssist, the SVM II is the most advanced tapped density tester on the market.

5-in-1 flexibility and future-safety with the innovative SwitchPlate system

The new SwitchPlate system enables 5 optional tapped density tester variants in a single device. It enables tapped density testing according to USP method 1 method 2 in either a single- or dual-station configuration. But that’s not all – the SVM II can also be equipped with a dual-method SwitchPlate, enabling testing of USP method 1 or method 2 in a single device. This new feature makes the SVM II the most flexible tapped density tester on the market, enabling easy upgrade of test method and / or number of test stations even after purchase of the main device.

SVMII Detail 3

Fast testing and automatic results calculation with TestAssist

The SVM II is equipped with the tapped density version of the TestAssist. TestAssist, which ERWEKA first introduced in the next generation dissolution tester DT 950, is a handy testing assistant guiding the user through the tapped density test using simple and easy to understand steps. In its USP method testing-mode, TestAssist also automatically calculates Tapped Density, Hausner Ration and Compressibility Index, displaying them on a ready-to-print report right after the test. With TestAssist, tapped density testing and result calculation is as easy as never before!

Modern ERWEKA User interface

The SVM II is controlled using a high-resolution 7” touch display with the latest generation ERWEKA user interface. Several groundbreaking user interface features known from the digital DT 950 can also be found on the SVM II: The amazing DirectHelp feature can be accessed from almost any screen, giving guidance and help and reducing the requirement to have a manual at hand. The service menu allows for fast servicing of the unit with direct access to firmware version and hardware information such as serial number. And with the qualification menu, qualification of the SVM II can be done as quickly as possible due to on screen instructions and a clear qualification structure.

SVMII Base 2Roehren Position 1 seitlich neu

Availability, resources and online demos

The new SVM II is available for order as of today, with shippig starting in January 2022. SwitchPlates are available for USP method 1 with 1 or 2 test stations, USP method 2 with 1 or 2 test stations and a combination SwitchPlate to enable testing of either USP method 1 or method 2 in a single device. SVM II also launches with user courses readily available in our online trainings platform ERWEKA Academy.

More information such as brochures, technical specifications and videos head over to our website www.erweka.com.  We are also happy to show you the SVM II in an live online demo – just contact your local ERWEKA sales representative or our sales team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Find all details on our product website: SVM II Tapped Density


Detailed information can also be found in our brochure (click to download pdf):

Thumbnail SVM II Brochure

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As a manufacturer and supplier of tablet testing equipment we are part of the critical infrastructure in Germany. Therefore it is important that we fully keep up production and supply our pharmaceutical customers with our equipment.

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