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TAR II now supports Mettler balances

Langen, August 29th, 2023

The TAR II, our intelligent and upgradable friability & abrasion tester has been further updated. Thanks to the latest firmware update, TAR IIs TestAssist is now able to communicate with Mettler ME-family of balances. We recommend and offer Mettler’s ME-54 balance directly for purchase from ERWEKA, but any balance from Mettlers ME-product line works because of their identical command set. Of course, the proven Sartorius Praktum 124-1S and the Qunitix 124-1 are also still available for oder and work perfectly with the TAR II.

The balance integration is completly seamless - once set-up in the control panel with a simple activation code, TestAssist connects to the balance and instead of prompting the user to enter the weight value manually (as is the case without activated balance feature), the intelligent testing assistant fully automatically retrieves the weight value from the balance. This speeds up the workflow tremendously, and at the same time minimizes the risk of false inputs.

The latest firmware update pushes TAR IIs capabilites even further, making it the most versatile and intelligent friability & abrasion tester on the market.

Find out more about the TAR II on our website: https://www.erweka.com/products/physical-testers/friability-tester.html

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