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SVM II now with USP 3 Update

Langen, January 29th, 2024

After innovating tapped density testing for powder and granules with the release of the SVM II and its cutting-edge TestAssist and unique SwitchPlate design, we are now expanding its capabilities even further. With the latest, free firmware update, SVM II is now able to test according to USP method 3, including automatic result calculation directly inside TestAssist.

Testing for USP method 3 with the SVM II is simple and intuitive. TestAssist, the integrated testing assistant guides the user step by step throug the tapped density testing process. The procedure as described in USP <616> "Bulk density and tapped density of powders" under paragraph "Method III - Measurement in a vessel " is completely integrated into TestAssist.

The testing process according to USP 3 is a multi-step process using a 100 ml cylindric stainless steel vessel with specified dimensions. During the test as described in USP <616>, the vessel is repeatedly filled by the user after being tested with the SVM II.

To see how easy USP method 3 testing is with the SVM II, have a look at our video:

If you require more information about SVM II, head over to our product page. If you are interested in USP method 3 testing with SVM II, contact us for an online demo or a quote.

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