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    Technology Leader with Premium Quality

    with a comprehensive product range.

    ERWEKA is a leading international manufacturer of test equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. We supply tablet test equipment for large pharmaceutical and life science companies, research and test laboratories, and universities all over the world.

    Founded in Germany in 1951, ERWEKA is the only manufacturer to offer a product for every required test for solid dosage form drugs.

    Today we are proud to have the most comprehensive product range and experience in our market sector. Our benchmark is top quality. From engineering and design to manufacturing and product support, we take a no-compromise stance on standards.

    ERWEKA stands for excellent product quality, attractive design and bespoke customer support. Our clients have trusted us for more than 65 years.

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    Our values are deeply integrated into our company culture.

    • David Kötterheinrich, Head of Marketing
    • Sevgi Klier, Director Quality
    • David Plonsker, Head of R&D Engineering
    • Steve Prüfer, Head of Applications
    • David Kötterheinrich, Head of Marketing

      David Kötterheinrich, Head of Marketing

      We use many digital tools to represent our products. Online Live demos per video and MS Teams and our Erweka Online Academy provide state-of-the-art possibilities to present knowlege and training.
      David Kötterheinrich
    • Sevgi Klier, Director Quality

      Sevgi Klier, Director Quality

      The Erweka products stand for highest quality in our industry. We strive daily, to further improve products and processes.
      Sevgi Klier
    • David Plonsker, Head of R&D Engineering

      David Plonsker, Head of R&D Engineering

      Each and every ERWEKA test unit carries the signature of our staff. Our staff's extensive know-how, experience, and endless ideas play a big part in developing new products.
      David Plonsker
    • Steve Prüfer, Head of Applications

      Steve Prüfer, Head of Applications

      We understand our customer's application and help them in the transformation to automation, especially in dissolution testing, where we offer a broad range of dissolution and integrated analytics
      Steve Prüfer

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    About us

    About us

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    ERWEKA part of Germany's critical infrastructure

    As a manufacturer and supplier of tablet testing equipment we are part of the critical infrastructure in Germany. Therefore it is important that we fully keep up production and supply our pharmaceutical customers with our equipment.

    Please see our pdfCertificate Part of Critical infrastructure Germany.